Why Join our Food & Flowers Program?      Participant: Helps to promote sources of locally grown products ⦁ Help us in our effort to preserve water quality ⦁ Has many choices-plants, planters, vegetables, mulch etc. ⦁ Can see where their plants and vegetables are produced ⦁ Shares in supporting local agriculture done with water quality and erosion control in mind ⦁ Has access to wide selection of plants, herbs, vegetables ⦁ Freshest, safest food items possible ⦁ Product availability seven days a week ⦁ Possibility of product delivery ⦁ Chance to share production with others ⦁ Cost includes donation to Skaneateles Lake Association ⦁ Know that you are a participant in community sustainability ⦁ Participate in our recycling efforts ⦁ Opportunity to select and plant your own hanging baskets or planters ⦁ We can plant your containers or window boxes ⦁ Weekly specials ⦁ Can check weekly availability online ⦁ Order items online via email for delivery